Sunday, January 20, 2008

Three Day Weekend! SNOW!!

Friday was a teacher workday and we have Monday off work. I am trying my best to use this time to get a significant amount of sewing done. Maybe I will finish some UFOs! I have finished all the blocks for Bonnie Hunter's online mystery quilt, "Carolina Crossroads". I was going to post a photo of the blocks laid out together but for some reason the website is "unavailable" for that. I will try again later. I have actually sewn about half the rows together now. I can't wait to finish this, it is really pretty.

It did snow here yesterday. There is still snow outside today as it is very cold outside. Naturally it had to snow at a time when it would not be a "snow day" from school! Well, at least the kids had plenty of time to enjoy it. I have enjoyed my "sew day" today.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Here is a picture of my daughter, Joy, with some of the chicken pincushions that I made for Christmas gifts. Our family seems to be over the various illnesses that were going around and we are now "back to normal." I am hoping that we will continue to be healthy this year.

Yesterday Joy and I went to Montgomery for the People to People meeting on her upcoming trip to Hawaii. She will be an ambassador for our community and will represent us well! She will experience another culture in-depth. We are very proud that she has been selected for this opportunity. She is very excited about the trip and can't wait to get there. I am excited that she will have this chance to learn and broaden her horizons.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

We had a nasty stomach virus in our family last week. We are feeling much better now, after much laundry and Jello. I have started cutting triangle sets for Bonnie Hunter's Carolina Crossroads mystery quilt. So far I have made 15 out of 200 sets!

This picture is Cabalito, my sister's chihuahua. He stays with us during the week while she works out of town. He has also been sick with an ear infection. Jo Ellen took him to the vet Friday and they gave him meds. He seems to be much better now.

I hope to add other pictures with my new posts. I am really enjoying learning how to blog.