Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fredonia Barbeque

This is the Fredonia barbeque! We finally made it there about 7:30 P.M. There was not much of a line at that time, as you can see. The barbeque is an annual fundraiser to keep up this building. It is the old school building for the Fredonia community. This year was the barbeque's 58th anniversary.
This is a friend of ours, Jim, serving up barbeque. Below are a couple of shots of people enjoying the feast. The pictures are also good interior shots of the building.
This is what you get. Barbeque with sauce, slaw, white bread, and Brunswick stew. There are pitchers of sweet tea, jars of barbecue sauce, loaves of white bread, and bowls of pickles set up all along the tables. It is loud, fun, and filling. You always see lots of folks you haven't seen in ages and some that you see all the time! A good time was had by all - and only $5 a plate! What a bargain. Until next time,

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Final (?) Fabric Choice

This is it! I have decided to not go with green for my accent color and to use this blue instead. I am so excited that I finally have made a decision. That is, unless I change my mind again. ;0)

Jimmy, the kids, and I left at 11:00 to drive to Fredonia for the annual Fredonia barbeque. This is one of the great social events of the season here and we can't miss it. On the way out we thought to look at our tickets and realized it was an evening thing instead of a lunch thing! So we went to the Harbor Cafe on West Point Lake instead. I have included some pictures here that I snapped while there.

Joy is making a silly face. She is being "cute" so I am including the picture so that she can see just how cute she looks! LOL

I will try to take some pictures at the barbeque when we go back this evening. If I do I will post those here. Nothing like driving out to Fredonia twice in one day! I hope you are having a good day.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Here are my possibilities for the accent color for Orange Crush. I have decided on green, but which one? I have enough yardage of three different greens. What do you think?
I plan to cut scrap fabric for the quilt this weekend so I will be ready to take off when the first clue is posted. I can't wait to see what this will be like!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Spring Photos!

Here is a picture of the pink camellia from my front yard. These shrubs are great because they bloom all winter long and then into the spring. They have truly beautiful flowers and are prolific.

Today was the first day back at work after a four-day weekend. It was a good day even though we would have all rather had "just one more day" off! :0)

We had SAT 10 and ARMT training today. There is a new rule that the students cannot put their heads down and go to sleep when they finish their tests. They also are not allowed to read or work on anything else, so we are talking about sometimes an hour or longer of everyone being completely silent and staring straight ahead without falling asleep. Hmmmm......

Below is a photo of my dogwood tree. It is still not in full bloom but I can tell that it will be truly beautiful in a few days. Fortunately the frost last night didn't hurt any blooming plants last night.

The last photo is some plants I purchased from Plant World to put in my pots on the front stoop. I am excited about the lemon yellow "red hot poker" plant. I already have an established bed of regular orange pokers. They are spectacular when they bloom later in the season.

I am still not finished with the charity quilt I am working on, but don't have much left to do.
Have a happy week,

Monday, March 24, 2008

The First Luna Moth of Spring!

Joy and Jimmy found this luna moth and brought it home for us all to see. It is beautiful! I always consider it good luck to see a luna moth. Maybe it means things will be looking up around here!!

I am trying to figure out how to type text, then photo, then text, then photo, etc... So far it is not working! I am getting a little better at it. I want to put a series of photos that I took today here with text in between. The photos are taking forever to upload and I can only upload one at a time. Sigh.

My four-day weekend has been fantabulous! I have been lazy and have done some quilting. Thanks to the fact that my vacuum cleaner is currently out-of-service due to the vacuuming up of an errant sock, I didn't have to do any floor cleaning!! The floors look terrible. Oh well....

I took a photo of this redbud tree blooming in my backyard today. It is so cold but the flowers are bravely peeking out of their buds. I am afraid that the freeze predicted for tonight will nip them but at least they tried!
Here is a camellia blooming in my yard. I wanted to upload another, pink, camellia but it just doesn't seem to want to work. I will try again tomorrow! Meanwhile, enjoy the spring photos.

Orange Crush Color Selection

These are the fabrics I pulled for my Orange Crush mystery quilt. I still haven't pulled any accent fabric but I am going with some medium blues. My fabric choices are pretty much just like Bonnie's (the Orange Crush creator.) I can't wait to start this new mystery. The last mystery she did, Carolina Crossroads, was plenty of fun.

I plan to keep up with my OC progress here on my blog. I am loving the way these fabrics are looking so far!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Well, the Easter bunny came to see my kids last night. They were so excited to see that the bunny brought markers because they are both very artistic.
I have been thinking about the Orange Crush mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter. I think I am going to use Bonnie's suggested colors: orange, red, black, blue, and lots of scraps. I can't wait to see how it looks. I was surprised to see how great these colors look together. I will post with a photo of my fabrics soon. I am still getting them together now and working on quilting a charity quilt for Hospice. In addition to that I have to make a baby quilt soon for a friend. I have tomorrow off so maybe I will make some headway then. Thanks for reading!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Here I am!!

I have been negligent about posting to my blog lately. I resolve to do better!! Work and quilting have kept me very busy. We are gearing up for SAT-10 testing in two weeks and we have to make sure all our objectives are covered and that we have practiced, practiced, practiced for the SAT-10. It is a shame that teaching and learning have come to center around testing instead of learning. :-( Science and history and every other subject except for reading and math are falling to the wayside!!

Yesterday was the first day of spring!! Daffodils have been blooming for weeks and my dogwood is nearly in full bloom. Azaleas are already blooming too. I need to take pictures and post them. I will try to do that later today.
Above is a photo of a Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt that I made for a friend who had lung cancer. He was one of the small percentage of people who get lung cancer even though they have never smoked. Unfortunately, he died last week. His family decided to use the quilt on the casket instead of a floral spray. What an honor. Bob, you are already greatly missed!! We know where you are and are happy in that knowledge.

Thanks, Oma, for inspiring me to post again!!