Saturday, August 23, 2008

Package in the Mail!!

Yesterday I was so excited to see that I had received a package from Brenda at Pumpkin Patch Primitives. I ordered a wool pincushion kit. She is one of my blog friends and so she included some extras for me.
I actually ordered a kit AND a pattern, not realizing that the pattern came with the kit anyway. So instead of giving me two of the same pattern Brenda put in another pincushion pattern. I am tickled pink! I was confused (well, ignorant) about the difference between wool felt and felted wool. Brenda tried to set me straight via emails but to be sure I could see the difference she included some samples of each. For one pincushion kit she gave me one in 100% wool and one in felted wool. Now I can make a comparison and see which one I like to work with best. Isn't she just the greatest?
Below is a selection of scraps of various quality. Brenda labeled them nicely so that I can compare and know what to look for in the various wooly stuff. Now is that service or what? I wanted to spend the day today working on these pincushions. It would have been the perfect day to do it since tropical storm Fay has caused us to have tornado warnings and just yucky weather all day long. Instead I decided to clean my son's room. He actually has a floor and now we know what color it is!
He wasn't thrilled that I packed up all his Legos. I had threatened that if I ended up cleaning his room I would pack them all up. Well, I had been saying this for a week and apparantly he didn't believe me. So today he spent the day with his dad at work and I cleaned like the wind!! He will get his Legos back next weekend if he does everything I have asked of him. I did the biggest part but there are still things that need to be organized. I told him that he has to move all the toy bins and clean and vacuum behind them. He is happily doing it now because, as I suspected, he had been overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the job. Now that I took a big chunk of it away and removed the temptation of Legos, he wants to clean. We'll see how long it will take him!


Kay said...

You guys are so talented with all your sewing. I am having the worst time just trying to sew a few curtains.

Amanda said...

What lovely goodies, it's so exciting to receive a package in the post. I used to find the same with my boys when they were young. If I sat on the bed and directed operations they were quite happy to tidy up, but alone it was all too much for them.

Lori said...

Nice package! Can your son come over and demonstrate how dirty dishes go in the dishwasher? My girls need a tutorial!!!lol

Stanley said...

OOOO.....on to more knitting for you it seems! Its always to see your designs.

Cheers and regards,

Candace said...

What a fun package to recieve, and now you get the fun of making pincushions. I hope your son enjoys his floor. When one of my grandsons spent the night one thing he remarked on was being able to walk and not step on anything. My daughter is a single mother of six, so there was lots to be on her floor.

Jo in TAS said...

I just love people that are helpful and share some of that knowledge. I have no idea what the difference is either!

Joanna said...

Brenda is the best!! I have recently met her and we have become great friends. I need to get her to educate me about wool by the looks of things!!!