Sunday, February 27, 2011

English Paper Piecing Tutorial, Part II

Now we will begin to sew one block unit. We begin with two diamonds, held right sides together. I have a dark and a medium one here. You will need to pay attention to the placement of darks, mediums, and lights.  By the way, I was still in my pajamas as I photographed this, so forgive the background. You begin about a quarter inch from the point, and whipstitch toward the point.

After you get to the point, you turn around and whipstitch to the end of that side (middle point.)

When you have reached the middle point, you may take a backstitch to secure it.

Now here we are, open the two up. Get ready to add the last diamond to the block.

I am now adding the light diamond. Pinch it together along one of the sides.

Here is a semi-bad shot of the other side. By the way, I know, my nails look pretty rough! Try to take better care of your nails than I do.

Now you go through from one of the joined middle points, to the corresponding middle point of the newly added diamond. I like to go back through and grab the other point too, so that all three points are joined.

Like this...

Then you simply whipstitch out to the end point. Take some secure stitches there and cut your thread.

Now you have one seam left to close.

Pinch them together, with right sides facing each other as usual.

Once more start a quarter inch out from the point, (I think this is so that the knot is not in the point), and continue on to the point.

When you get to the point, try to join all three points,

like this...

Then you simply turn around and whipstitch out to the farther point.

All the way to the point...

When you get to the point, you finish off with secure stitches and cut your thread, unless you are joining something else to it.


Now you have a completed block unit. Your color placement will depend on what you are doing. If you are going for a star, it will be different from mine. I am going for the 3-D tumbling blocks look.
Well, this is basically it. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments and I will answer to the best of my ability.


Jean said...

Great tutorial. I have been working on my first hexie project...haven't tried EPP diamonds yet. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Isabella said...

Thanks Julie that was a very easy to understand tut, got home too late tonight to try it out but tomorrow is another day.

em's scrapbag said...

Thanks for the well done tute.

Amalie said...

Thanks. I got on tonight to find a tutorial for this exact thing. I have been reading a ton and people say that it is really hard to get the corners to match up. Is that true? It looks like you had no problems at all. What size diamonds did you use for this quilt? Thanks.

Tink's Spin said...

very intersting, i spent some times here and really enjoyed my visit, Tink

rilojane said...

I've been searching around for info on paper piecing and yours has been the best I've found so far. Thank you so much!