Sunday, April 13, 2008

Orange Crush Progress - Step One Complete!

Today Anne D. and I got together and had a "mini-retreat" to finish our four patches. We kept going until we were both finished so that we would be ready for step 2 when it is posted. It was fun! I encourage those of you who live close to one another to have your own mini-retreats. It really is motivating. Of course, Anne and I are in the same guild so we already know each other. Anne is more of a controlled scrappy person. Her blocks are gorgeous. Mine is totally scrappy. Some of the fabric in mine is so ugly that I had considered using it as a foundation for string quilts! Well, Bonnie did say to use up all those ugly things! And, like many others, I had gone crazy with my strips and I have enough left to make at least another quilt. I may just make a double Irish chain too. I think several others plan to do that as well. You can read about Orange Crush here


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Quilter Kathy said...

Great idea to get together with other quilters working on the mystery. Cute 4 patches!