Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bargello Side Trip

I had to make a fast wedding quilt top for my brother and his fiancee and have it ready for the LAQ to do her magic on it. I chose Bonnie Hunter's "Scrappy Bargello" from her Quiltville site. His fiancee, Jonasse, loves red and pink, so I included a lot of those colors. It looked ghastly in stage one, with all the strips sewn together but not "bargelloed." (The middle picture) But as I started cutting and sliding the sections it started looking really cute. I am pleased. Some people may not like it but I think the bride will love it.

The above picture is simply the 16 inch strips sewn together. I was starting to get really worried at this point!

The below picture is the first panel "bargelloed" but now sewn. I was starting to feel better at this point. I finally finished the top and backing last night. I started on it Friday night so it took me from Friday night to Tuesday night. Not too bad really. I had a lot of other things going on over the weekend and so I couldn't spend as much time on it as I wanted. Otherwise I would have finished it by Sunday night.

I have been sidetracked from my Orange Crush due to this quilt. I plan to get caught back up on that, steps 2 and 3, this weekend. I HATE being behind!!

Until next time,



Amanda said...

I like this quilt very much and I'm sure the bride will be thrilled.

Sandra said...

Talk about an ugly duckling turning into a swan! The quilt turned out beautifully and what a great wedding gift :-)

Quilter Kathy said...

Very striking bargello quilt!
I'm sure they will love it!