Monday, January 19, 2009


I have been having the most fun on Facebook lately. Are you one of my blogfriends who is also on FB? If so, would you please look for me? I would love to be friends with you on FB. Mostly my friends are from High School days and it is a blast. Look for Julie Stewart in the Montgomery, Alabama network.


Carol in Sweden said...


I do FACEBOOK but I'm trying to ONLY do it with my High School friends...we're getting ready for our 30th reunion.
So most of my FBing is focused on that.

It's very addictive! That's why I've hardly updated my own blog in a while!

Carol in Sweden said...


I"ll see you at Katie's Housewarming Party on Saturday!

What fun!

Sharon said...

I'm not a member of facebook, but have seen it mentioned a lot lately. I think I'll go check it out ;)

Have a blessed day!

Connie said...

Hi Julie,

I sent a request for your facebook connection.