Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Won a Prize!!

I won a prize from T at Fiber Babble. After being told for years that being nosey is not a good thing, it finally paid off for me. I asked T a question about something on her sidebar. She told me no one had ever asked her about it before and so she was going to send me a little present. Well, let me tell you, it was NOT a LITTLE something. It was NICE!! I got fabric, chocolate, coffee, a pretty needle case, and a sweet little journal. I apologize for the terrible condition of the photos. I just wasn't having a good photo day. Thank you so much, T. I love my goodies. The edible ones are already gone. I did not miss the significance of the little quote you had marked in the journal! LOL.

This last photo is my very first punchneedle project. I still have to frame it, but isn't it cute? I am already working on my second one. These are addictive.

Also, please notice the icon for Kate's Housewarming on my sidebar. She has switched from Blogger to Wordpress and is sort of having a blog warming. She recently moved to a new house and is having a real life housewarming too. It sounds like fun and a good chance to get to know some new bloggers so pop on over and RSVP that you will attend!


Amy said...

How great ya won something, congrats!! I like the punch needle, I have not tried it yet. thanks for sharing.

Quilter Kathy said...

You are indeed lucky Julie!
You just won the baby quilt package draw at my blog!
Maybe you ought to go out and buy a lottery ticket!

Amy said...

Tag!! please see my blog, I also commented on the needle punch I love it. have a great one

Oddbjørg said...

Lucky you - winning such nice things!
I like your punchneedle project too. Look forward to see your next.

Kay said...

That's wonderful! You got some terrific, fun things! Congratulations!

Isabella said...

Good for you Julie, I like your needle punch I bought a kit not tried it yet though LOL