Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hi There Folks!

It has been so cold here, in the Deep South we are not used to temps below 20 degrees F. My chihuahua definitely is not liking it. I cannot stand my sewing room because it is unheated. Normally a plug-in heater heats it up just fine, but in this cold you can't even tell it is there. I am getting ready for my daughter to be in the junior school pageant next Friday. We had to buy a new pageant dress. Sigh.... Every time I turn around, more money. But it is worth it, she will be so pretty. She won 6th grade beauty last year, which totally shocked the tomboy that I have always been. Pageants were not in my realm at all. Although, I did get Prom Queen in 1983!! LOL. But I did not run for it and was quite embarrassed when it was announced. Well, those were the good old days, and these are the good new days.
I don't know if I told you about all the plumbing problems I have had for the past 6 months or so. It seems that they got progressively worse over time after my husband and I split up. Well, a great plumber came and spent 4 whole days working here. He had a "Ditch Witch" tractor over here one day, a hired hand helping him, and fixed so many problems. He even fixed some things that I didn't know about. I was so scared to receive my bill. Well, guess what? The bill was $140!! Now I think this man is an angel sent from heaven. He knew what all I had been going through with my ex, and financially, and he decided to do me a good deed. I have to tell you, when I worked up the courage to open that bill (expecting something around $1,000) and saw only $140 I started crying. I went into my bedroom and boo hoo-ed for quite some time. It was an amazing experience. God Bless that man! I think I may need to make him a quilt, what do you think?


Jodie said...

what a lovely story, you have earnt some kindness, glad you received some.

Jo in TAS said...

Beauty must run in the family :-)
Wonder if your plumber will travel to Australia??? What an angel he is.

~blue~ said...

That was so nice of him, an angel in disguise! Just thank the lord he sent him to you and your are good.

Kay said...

How wonderful that your daughter got her beauty genes from you. The best thing is that plumber. We had to pay a $120.00 for less than an hour work when a plumber came to fix a leak over at our place. You truly have a gem there!

Roseanne said...

Some time angels come in many forms.

Melinda said...

Bless him. Isn't it nice to get a reminder that their are wonderful, kind people out in the world.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

SO GLAD to hear some good news!!!

Prom Queen, huh?? Now I'll know to always address you as 'your highness'.

Isabella said...

How nice was that just shows that good people are still around

Pippilotta said...


I am glad to hear, that angels are in Alabama, and I am glad to hear, that he was there for you.

Wait a while and then surprise him with what ever you think is okay.

We don't have proms in Germany. And so we have also no "queen" or a beauty winner. But your daughter must have the beauty from you, it is normal, that she has it from the mother. Isn't it???