Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fredonia Barbeque

This is the Fredonia barbeque! We finally made it there about 7:30 P.M. There was not much of a line at that time, as you can see. The barbeque is an annual fundraiser to keep up this building. It is the old school building for the Fredonia community. This year was the barbeque's 58th anniversary.
This is a friend of ours, Jim, serving up barbeque. Below are a couple of shots of people enjoying the feast. The pictures are also good interior shots of the building.
This is what you get. Barbeque with sauce, slaw, white bread, and Brunswick stew. There are pitchers of sweet tea, jars of barbecue sauce, loaves of white bread, and bowls of pickles set up all along the tables. It is loud, fun, and filling. You always see lots of folks you haven't seen in ages and some that you see all the time! A good time was had by all - and only $5 a plate! What a bargain. Until next time,

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