Monday, March 24, 2008

The First Luna Moth of Spring!

Joy and Jimmy found this luna moth and brought it home for us all to see. It is beautiful! I always consider it good luck to see a luna moth. Maybe it means things will be looking up around here!!

I am trying to figure out how to type text, then photo, then text, then photo, etc... So far it is not working! I am getting a little better at it. I want to put a series of photos that I took today here with text in between. The photos are taking forever to upload and I can only upload one at a time. Sigh.

My four-day weekend has been fantabulous! I have been lazy and have done some quilting. Thanks to the fact that my vacuum cleaner is currently out-of-service due to the vacuuming up of an errant sock, I didn't have to do any floor cleaning!! The floors look terrible. Oh well....

I took a photo of this redbud tree blooming in my backyard today. It is so cold but the flowers are bravely peeking out of their buds. I am afraid that the freeze predicted for tonight will nip them but at least they tried!
Here is a camellia blooming in my yard. I wanted to upload another, pink, camellia but it just doesn't seem to want to work. I will try again tomorrow! Meanwhile, enjoy the spring photos.

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