Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tomato Race

Already - a tomato! It is about the size of a golfball. My dad used to have a "race" with his friends for the first ripe tomato. Although I am not racing with anyone, he would be proud. I also have some tiny bell peppers and a full-sized cayenne pepper. I planted a Better Boy tomato (shown), an Amana Orange, and two yellow cherries. I can't wait for that first tomato sandwich! I didn't grow a tomato plant one year and I will never do that again. There is nothing like having your own homegrown tomatoes in the summer. The herbs seem to be doing pretty well - I have a picture of the chives blooming below. I think I will make a salad tonight and put some of those pretty chive blossoms in it!

I am spending the day deep-cleaning my bedroom. I figure if I can deep-clean one room per weekend until school is out, then I won't have such an overwhelming pile of housework to do when summer vacation starts. Well, break time is over. Back to cleaning.

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Amanda said...

I loving growing tomatoes - I just go out there and bury my head in the plants and the smell is terrific. And the tomatoes taste so much better than any you ever buy. I'm growing several different varieties this year - I'm looking forward to seeing how the Tumblers fare in the hanging basket - lots of watering needed there.