Thursday, September 11, 2008


I could not let the day end without posting about the cowardly attack on our country on September 11, 2001. I have been watching a documentary and cannot believe how the feelings from that terrible day come back.

As we remember that terrible day, we face some panicky situations here in my town. These are minor in comparison to the terrorist attack. Today the gas stations were all packed with cars trying to get gas. Word is that it goes up $1.25 per gallon overnight. I got in a line that was relatively short - I was only the third car back. By the time I left the line of cars was out into the highway. It looks like Ike may be a really bad hurricane and they think it will wipe out many of those oil refineries in Texas. I hope it turns out to not be as bad as they say.


Cathy said...

I dont think there were many people in the world who were unaware of yesterdays date!!! Im sure we will all remember what we were doing at that frightful time!!
Thoughts to all involved!! Cathyx

Kay said...

What a sad day of reflection of this terrible time.

I hope Ike weakens, too. This is so scary!

Stanley said...

I can still remember that day vividly. Even thought it was not in my country, I was equally shocked at the attack. I cant imagine how many families lost their loved ones.

Pippilotta said...

Hello Julie,

I am not an american, but it was a day to remember for me as well.

My son was born on 13.9.2001. I know exactly what I have done afternoon 11.9. It was one of the blackest days in the worlds history.

I feel with the victims and with the families of them. And with the brave firefighters. And with the families of the victims from the planes.

I pray that such a day will never come back.

Greetings from Germany,


NanNan said...

Such a horrible ?????(event)-- I can't think of a word that could possibly convey the malevolence and sorrow of THAT DAY!