Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hawaiian Vacation

My daughter, Joy, went on a two week trip to Hawaii back in June. I know, it took me long enough to blog about it. There are just so many photos that it is overwhelming. I finally decided to just show a few at a time. There are so many beautiful photos. Joy is the one on the right, in the pink shirt.In Hawaii, hibiscus plants are hibiscus TREES! I usually spend about $25 or $30 every spring for a new hibiscus plant which dies over the winter. In Hawaii they just keep growing! This was some sort of ceremony at the Polynesian Cultural Center and was one of the first things she did. I don't know much about it other than that one of the guys fell off the boat. She didn't get a shot of that!
This is cute!
This guy looks friendly! I would love to have that statue in my garden. :-) I already have a cast aluminum devil's head by my front door to keep away certain religious door-to-door people who like to wake you up at 8 A.M. on a Saturday morning. LOL. This would surely scare them away. They just kept coming back even though I would tell them - politely but firmly - that I was a Methodist and a happy member of the local United Methodist Church. They don't come back now - they are scared of my devil. I will have to post a picture of him later.
I don't know what this plant is but it is so pretty.
The people they met were so friendly and good to the kids. This is another shot from the Polynesian Cultural Center.

I hope you enjoyed this little photo essay of part of her trip. I wanted to put some pretty pictures up after the 9-11 shots from Thursday.


Kay said...

Hi Julie,
I'm so glad Joy had a great time in Hawaii. The Polynesian Cultural Center is a fun place to go and see a lot of the different cultures. The flower you were wondering about looks like a bouganvillia. I hope that's how you spell it. You see it all over the islands because it's such a hardy plant.

Cathy said...

Wonderful photo's...Looks like Joy had lots of fun too!! Would love to go to Hawaii on day!! CAthyx

Oddbjørg said...

I enjoyed reading about your daughter's trip and see all the photos.

Lori said...

Happy Photos! I am happy Joy had a good time. I love exotic plants. I wish they would grow here, too.

Mare said...

I would love to go to Hawaii. The beautiful scenery and wonderful flowers and comfortable climate.
Maybe someday.

Roseanne said...

Joy you are a very lucky girl to go to hawaii .I would love to go there one day .this is a trip that you will always remenber.

Linda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - a couple hours early! :)
Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Rhonda said...

Great photos!! Joy looks very very happy to be in Hawaii... I would be too. lol
The hibiscus live year-round here in southern CA too, but mine don't look that pretty.

Kris said...

Hi Julie!

Thanks so much for sharing Joy's trip with us. It looks like she had a wonderful time. I have finally blogged about opening your angel stitcher's package, if you want to go have a look! Hope your week is going well!

Joanna said...

The close up of the 'scary' face looks like a Maori carving from my homeland of NZ to me! I know they have a big Maori show at the Polynesian Cultural Centre. I have loads of family members and friends that have worked at the PCC! I wish I could get there - maybe one day. Sigh!!

NanNan said...

Lucky Joy-- the trip of a lifetime-- Had to chuckle at your "devil's head" statue story-- who knew??? ;)