Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cottonboll Quilt Guild Retreat

Here is the quilted version of my Scrappy Bargello for my brother's wedding. His bride loved it. In the photo I have not tacked down the binding yet but it is on there. We had a fabulous retreat and I got so much done. I put on this binding, machine-quilted and bound two other quilts (small), and did some piecing. There was lots of fun and eating. Especially eating. It seemed that every time you turned around it was time to go and eat. We also had a ton of snacks that everyone brought. I am sure I gained a few pounds.

I took a picture of this cat quilt made by my friend Cindy. She used a pattern but made the cats have colorations like some of her own cats, past and present. I thought it was so beautiful and I knew you would want to see it.

Well, I wanted to post since I have not done so in a while. School is out in just a few days and I should be a more regular blogger then. Later,



Amanda said...

I'm not surprised the quilt was well received, it's beautiful. I love the cat quilt too - I can see many of my own cats in there. It looks like a lot of really hard work has paid off.

Quilter Kathy said...

Sounds like a great retreat! Your scrappy bargello is wonderful!

Katie said...

Your bargello is really nice. I like the way your colors go.

My mom did that cat quilt...and three of that designer's other quilts. All needle-turn applique. There is no way I could do that!! :-) Your friend's version is wonderful!