Monday, May 26, 2008

My New Sister-in-Law, Kindergarten

Here she is, Jonasse! She is the sweetest thing and we all love her. We are so happy that she is in our family now. My dsil loved her bargello quilt which was a relief for me. I certainly wish the newlyweds all the best of everything.
Here is a shot of the couple getting some of their photographs taken immediately after the wedding. I am standing on the back deck of the house where the wedding took place. It is Jonasse's sister's house; only about 15 minutes away from my house. I thought the dog looking on was the cutest thing. He was wondering what all the excitement was about.
My sister and I were in charge of FOOD! All the food was a big hit. Here is the fruit section. Aren't those little bananas cute? They are only about 4 inches long. My sister did the watermelon basket. Pretty cool!
Here is a shot of some of the meat, cheese, crackers, and one floral arrangement. My friend Gret did all the flowers and she really made the place look beautiful.
I bought this three-tiered stand on my recent trip to America's Mart in Atlanta (posted about in an earlier blog entry.) It was only $48!! I recently saw a two-tiered one in a catalog that looked very similar for $75, so I know I got a great deal. I can't wait to use it for all my future parties. It adds a bit of drama. Here it is used to display the cupcakes - some of them have been eaten here, but isn't it great?

The building that this reception was held in was the Kindergarten that I attended in 1970-71. It was a wonderful place then, with Miss Peggy and Miss Julia as my teachers. They were so sweet and we had FUN! Not like Kindergarten now where kids are pressured to read and write and do math. In my day Kindergarten meant "learning" to catch and bounce balls, march to a song, sing our alphabet, play games, paint, color, glue, play, play, play.... Those were the days. Education has taken a sad turn. The kids may start out earlier but, thanks to "No Child Left Behind" (I call it "No Child Gets Ahead") they are not as advanced as we were. I wish politicians would stay out of education. Oh well,


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Amanda said...

It sounds as if you had a wonderful day, a day to remember. The food looks terrific, well done to you and your sister. The Kindergarten building must have stirred up many memories. I so agree with you about modern education - it's the same here in the UK, it's become a political football and very little good has come out of it.