Monday, May 12, 2008

Pay it Forward - OC Step 2

I FINALLY finished Step #2 of Orange Crush! I think they look great. Since I have a quilt guild retreat coming up this next weekend I will be able to get steps 3 and 4 done and be ready for step 5 before it comes out. I won't be behind anymore!!!

Pay It Forward:

I signed up for Pay it Forward with Beth at The Ramblings of a Texas Quilter. Here is how it works: (With apologies to Beth, I just copied and pasted this part from her blog.)To the first 3 people who leave a message on my blog about the game that have a blog and that decide to play the game too, I will send a gift. I'll contact you for your mailing address so that I can mail it,, you don't have to leave your address on my blog so don't worry about that.But the thing is to PAY IT FORWARD... you have to commit to putting the game on your blog and then sending something to 3 people who leave YOU messages,,, sounds like fun I think!The challenge is there.... who are the first 3 that will leave me a message?I think this will be fun. The gift will be something sewn and it will be homemade by ME!! I can't wait to play. Who wants to play with me?

And in more news:

As promised in an earlier post, here is a picture of Cabalito with his new bandanna. I bought it at America's Mart. It is very cute on him and he doesn't want to wear a t-shirt or any other clothes right now because it is just too hot. Not to mention the fact that our central air conditioning is not working. The repairman should be here one day next week. Hopefully it won't get hot again before he comes. Yesterday it got up to almost 90 degrees F and I decided to turn it on, but it never started blowing cool air. :0( Well, at least we are saving money on our power bill. Last night (actually at 3:20 A.M. ) we had a very windy thunderstorm with 3/4 inch hail. It woke me up because it was making so much noise pounding on the metal porch roof outside my bedroom window. I went out to check on the cars (no damage) and ate some hail - very nice - like crushed ice but a little more firm. The storm system did make things a little cooler today.

Here is a crumb quilt that I made from the tiny strips left from trimming up my bargello sections in the wedding quilt. I put the Tabasco bottle nearby so you can see how small it is. I know it seems like a waste of time but I do it because it is FUN! I think it looks really cute. I plan to quilt it and make it into a little table pad for hot dishes.

I know this is looking kind of "womp-sided" but I just didn't get a good angle on this photo. It is a top for my friend Dumpy who is retiring at the end of this school year. She is so sweet and has been so good to me as a fellow teacher and friend. I made it from some leftover strips from a beachy landscape quilt that I made for my dsil who lives in Naples, Florida. I wondered what to do with all those strips and I just started sewing them together and then decided to do strips. I think it will be appropriate for her beach house in Mexico Beach, Florida. I hope it will help her to get over the pain of retirement (LOL - she is counting the days until she can retire.)

Well, it is really late and school is not out yet, I have 11 more school days to go before I can become a true night owl again. Better hit the sack.



Connie said...

I will particate in this. I will send gifts, but likely something that I buy, based on the personality in the blog. I would make something, but stay in a hotel 4 nights a week, and not really able to. I did sign up for a beginning quilt making class next week for 3 nights. I have my sewing machine in the car and need to get lubrication for it. I will not be able to post about his in my journal until Wed or Sat. My journal is here:

scraphappy said...

Such pretty colors on the blue strip quilt. It really does remind me of the beach. 7 days and counting until school is over for me and I can taste freedom right around the corner!

Quilter In Paradise said...

Julie, Love the blue strip quilt! just beautiful!
I need to get your address to send you your gift for playing with me on Pay It Forward!... my email should be on this comment, I hope!